When Christian Books Become Unhealthy

When Christian Books Become Unhealthy


There are plenty Christian authors who write books and devotionals to help encourage the body of Christ. I personally love reading Christian books that’ll edify my spirit, especially if its topic is an area in which I’m lacking. As a writer myself, I am hoping to one day write faith-based books to encourage others.

But from experience, I’ve realized that these books can become unhealthy when…

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I’m Flawed…

I’m Flawed…


This morning, I couldn’t  help but feel overwhelmed by God’s accepting love. I am beyond flawed. Emotionally, mentally, spiritually, and physically. Yet, God still loves me, WANTS me. He thinks my flaws are beautiful, and it blows my mind.

In 2 Corinthians 12:9, the Lord tells us, “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness”. His grace, mercy and love accepts and…

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Beyonce is NOT everything

Beyonce is NOT everything


No, this is not “Beyonce-hate”.  She is greatly talented  and nobody can deny that.


I just wanted to remind you all that she is NOT “everything”. As per her VMA performance last night, fans have gone wild, expressing their die-hard love for her, how she “gave them life”, or “SLAYEDDD”, etc.. I’ve even seen an ABSURD photoshopped picture of Beyonce’s head on the body of Jesus.  Due to this…

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The Extra Key


Placing an extra key in a strategic place has been a common “in case of emergency” plan for many people. Whether it’s the extra house key under the mat or the extra car key in the pantry, etc., it’s always safe to have an extra key..in case of emergency. While trying to think of where to place my extra key this morning, it caused me to ponder spiritual extra keys. As weird as that sounds, I…

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Worshipping the Talent

alvin ailey2

I recently went to a well-known gospel artists’ album release concert. There were a few “die-hard fans” in the crowd. As the artist went on and ministered, I realized that there were people in the audience solely focusing on her amazing vocal ability, rather than the Spirit of God in the midst of her message. You know, reacting to her singing, high-notes, and runs. While that is inevitable,…

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Waiting for the Retreat

Waiting for the Retreat


This weekend, I will be joining numerous young adults on a retreat with Brooklyn Tabernacle. As I am excited to see how God shakes me up during the retreat, I found myself using it as an excuse to be spiritually lazy until then. Fleeing thoughts such as, “This weekend is going to be spiritually amazing, so I don’t need to read my bible until then. I’ll wait for the retreat”. Or, “I know the…

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Good & Bad Opportunities

Good & Bad Opportunities


I briefly wanted to share a thought that occurred to me today. As I am a recent graduate, I am now in the era of job searching and trusting God to order my steps. Various opportunities have come my way, but it dawned on me that all may not be from God.

When we are eagerly awaiting for a door to open, it is crucial that we stay alert n the Spirit, praying for discernment and wisdom. Every…

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Believers (and now non-believers) have been taking some Christian “lingo” out of context to make them humorous. You know…


“Won’t He do it!”

“Jesus be a ____”

“Bless ya heart”

“Lawd Jesus..”

“I am blessed and highly favored”

*starts shout-dancing*

*mock speaking in tongues*

…just to name a few.

And while sometimes, believers may use them in context with the Spirit actually behind every…

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She Is Set Apart

She Is Set Apart

To my lovely readers, thank you for your support thus far! I truly pray that you have been ministered to by my writing, a my goal is always to allow God’s words flow right through me.

I am happy to announce that I am a guest writer for the amazing blooming women’s minuter “She Is Set Apart”. My first post “Eve’s Issues”, is now on their website so you can check it out by clicking ton the link…

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GabbyHilaire YouTube Channel!

To all of my readers,

I thank you all for supporting my blog even with a simple view. I strive to spread God’s Word on every medium possible, so I have started a YouTube Channel! On this channel, I will be posting videos of me speaking words of encouragement. Two videos have been posted already, so check them out!


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Maintaining The Resurrection Life

Maintaining The Resurrection Life


Often times, when we as believers experience a breakthrough, revelation, or “aha moment” in our walks with God, we don’t follow through with action. We may read, study, or hear a word from God that is enlightening, convicting, or clarifying, but do not assure that it is applied to our every day lives. This lack of appliance then causes us to return to the state in which we were in before. No…

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I Miss You


Have you ever been away from a loved one for so long that you start to miss them so much and it hurts? It’s like a piece of your heart has been ripped out. I’m currently coping with something like that, but this feeling made me think of this:

Based on how painful it is for us to miss somebody we love, can you imagine how much God hurts when He misses us?

When we stroll away from God; ignore Him;…

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"He’s Saved!? He’s the one!"

“He’s Saved!? He’s the one!”


Christian dating is sometimes a sensitive topic. But there is one thing I can assure you all, based on experience.

Ladies, let’s say you’re single, and waiting on “God’s match for you”; your knight in shining armor; your “one”. You meet a guy and find out that he’s saved. Just because he’s saved, does that mean it’s “destiny” that you met him? Is his his salvation “confirmation from God” that…

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What can Maya Angelou’s life teach us?

What can Maya Angelou’s life teach us?


I woke up this morning to the heart-aching news that Maya Angelou passed away. To me, she was one of those people who I thought could never die. Then after pondering her for a few minutes, I noticed that she actually won’t ever die. Her words in lessons, poems, stories, etc. will live on forever, continuing to inspire and lift people up.

Her words.

Her words were so powerful, given to her by the…

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Backstage Butterflies

Have any of you had something to present, perform, or showcase in front of an audience? And when you’re backstage your nervousness is through the roof!? And while you’re nervous, there’s a bit of excitement as well? As a performer, I know this feeling very well. I’m sure we’ve all experienced it whether as an artist, or before a presentation in class or at work. I call this ‘nervous + excited’…

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